Our focus

Building the right thing, building the thing right.


Cutting-edge technology, great places to work.


We love to share what we've learned - meet us at conferences or join our meetup.


We love what we do - on the job and after.

About us

OpenValue is a team of 16 developers focused on Java and full stack software development. We love to work with the latest open source technology and share what we've learned.


We love to share our knowledge at meetups and conferences. Next to that, we provide trainings and workshops. These are led by our experts that have hands-on project experience.

Pricing: EUR 250 for a 4 hour workshop per attendee and EUR 450 per attendee for an 8 hour workshop.

Title Duration Date Instructor Location
Rust workshop 4 hrs 18 October Ruben Boumans Atoomclub Amersfoort
Vert.x workshop 4 hrs 25 October Bert Jan Schrijver Atoomclub Amersfoort
Microservices workshop 4 hrs 1 November Bert Jan Schrijver Atoomclub Amersfoort
Angular 2+ 8 hrs 8 November Rachel Heimbach & Pieter Brederode Atoomclub Amersfoort
Linux for Java Developers 8 hrs 15 November Bert Jan Schrijver Atoomclub Amersfoort
AWS for Developers 4 hrs 22 November Bert Jan Schrijver Atoomclub Amersfoort
Automated end-to-end testing with Cypress.io 16 hrs 29 November Jogchem Dijkstra & Pieter Brederode Atoomclub Amersfoort
Blockchain for business 8 hrs 6 December Roy Wasse Atoomclub Amersfoort
Foolproof UI's with Elm 8 hrs 13 December Mats Stijlaart Atoomclub Amersfoort
Hands on Blockchain 8 hrs 20 December Mauro Palsgraaf & Jan Hendrik Kuperus Atoomclub Amersfoort
Load testing with Gatling 4 hrs 9 January 2019 Bert Jan Schrijver Atoomclub Amersfoort

Trainings can also be given on site and tailored to meet your specific requirements. Want to enroll or have a question? Just send a mail to training@openvalue.nl or give Roy a call at +31-6-5265-9373.