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We help you deliver better software, faster.
We believe in a quality-first approach by building maintainable and testable systems using modern open source software and tools.
By automating development processes, we help to minimize time-to-market and enable reliable releases to production, multiple times a day.
We focus not only on building the right thing, but also on building the thing right.
We work with your teams to help them become even better. We focus on building self-supporting teams who can keep performing when we're gone. We work with open source software: no vendor lock-in.
We know that non-functional aspects like maintainability, security, performance and automation are just as important as building new features.
We use agile principles to build software, Continuous Delivery to deliver better and faster and DevOps to keep production running.
We show business represen-tatives, development engineers and operations engineers how to work together on a shared goal: business impact. We embrace change and aim for an open culture with room for failure (and thus, learning). We show your teams how to build and test software in such a way that it's always in a releasable state.
For us, it's either the agile way or the highway. Test automation is a first class citizen. So is build- and workflow automation. We love Jenkins, reactive applications and zero-downtime deployments.
We are driven software engineers with a passion for technology, from eager talent to Java champion.
We love what we do.
Successful projects are a product of good people and clear communi-cation. Our team consists of a mix of seasoned experts and young professionals who are eager to learn.
Our team has spoken at conferences like J-Fall, JavaOne and Devoxx. We're actively participating in the NLJUG and a number of meetups to share our experience. We'd love to share with you too.
We've successfully helped multiple clients in transforming into faster organizations. Here's a few of them.
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Improving and accelerating organizations is always a custom job. We can only do this when working closely together. You bring the business input, we bring in our technical experience.

We'd love to show you more.
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